I purchased a hot toyota camry 07 xle with a navigational, plus additional amenities. They didnt tell me how lengthy it can take, however i sought to learn what exactly is the actual size before recieving it.

Answer by Phantom
The fresh camry is absolutely found on the streets thus in the event you purchase it, it must take about 4-5weeks depending where you’re from. Toyota Camrys are popular so that they would take a bit longer than routine vehicles.

Answer by vetteslayer
you might have gotten a greater bang-for-the-buck value in the event you went with all the Chevrolet Impala.

Answer by Roseytoes9
yes you have saved oneself several income had we gone with all the chevy, nevertheless I function for toyota as well as the camry is regarded as the safest vehicles available now, highest rated for crash tests.. better fuel economy plus it looks excellent.. because to how lengthy you have to wait for the camry, it depends found on the qualities which we had put found on the automobile whenever purchasing it, should you went with a completely loaded 1, it might take 4-6 weeks depending about should you got a 4 or 6 cylinder engine.. it will also depend found on the color of the vehicle, considering certain hues are more uncommon then others..