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I’m presuming LE signifies deluxe edition plus CE is classic or anything that way, nevertheless what are the actual factors which set them aside? I like to recognize what makes my Toyota a LE. Thanks!!

Answer by Iknowalittle
the cost… along with a limited little shape variations.

Answer by Chad F
Options found on the automobile.
That is the key difference found on the LE to the CE

Answer by zskip62
LE has electrical windows,and heated back glass,slightly greater radio.

I’m planning about getting wheels for my 2014 toyota corolla LE plus I planned which 18′ were the largest wheel I’d go… However from browsing I fell inside love with Avant Garde wheels that are 19′ yet I could receive them inside my bolt pattern of 5×100… Simply striving to receive an input of what wheel size is only ideal for my automobile! I don’t need anything to big… And I was planning about low profile wheels that perhaps might create a difference with all the room inside my wheel perfectly with 19′s?

Answer by Bruce
16 tops or you’ll void guarantee plus damage vehicle.19′s wouldn’t fit, neither 18′s because have a 2006 SE specialized edition with body kit plus 18″ Enkeis plus it couldn’t utilize 19′s with body kit is much more clearance equally. you’ll moreover throw off ALL gauges and also protection program.