Vi este dulce automóvil que creo sería perfecto para mí lo único es que no sé qué tipo de vehículo que es y de ninguna manera he visto uno antes. It is little but it seems to be comparable to a compact Jeep wrangler. It is brief and it has only two doors. The only factor I know is that it is a Toyota. I am rather positive it is an more mature auto. Make sure you assist me.

Answer by Alex
Toyota FJ Cruiser

Solution by g
If it is an more mature product you could be referring to the Toyota Land Cruiser.


Solution by Kenny
They created a 2door RAV4 in the later 90s



I am taking into consideration getting a Toyota Prius but am concerned about concealed expenses & inconveniences. What is necessary to hold them managing on a daily basis and is the maintence routine much more rigorous than it would be for a typical motor vehicle?

Response by thomas r
they are just like other cars

Answer by CwboyBill
Standard maintenance till you have to replace the battery pack. That’ll value you over $ cuatro,000.00.
Así — how significantly fuel could you purchase for four grand?

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The Toyota Prius is nonetheless a gasoline car. Así, you even now have to pay a visit to the gasoline station to refuel. You nevertheless have to don’t forget to exchange your windshield wiper fluid.

If you are purchasing a 2004-present model calendar year Prius in the US, the scheduled maintenance is fairly considerably the identical as any other Toyota. Fundamentally, it really is an oil/filter adjust and tire rotation every single 5000 millas o 6 mes. Every single so usually you’ll need to have to alter the engine air filter, and the cabin air filter. You can go to any mechanic that you likeyour Toyota vendor, your other automobile make seller, an independent mechanic, or even Do-it-yourself if you are so inclined. You can see the scheduled routine maintenance guide right here: http://smg.toyotapartsandservice.com/

If you are a standard or substantial mileage driver, you are going to uncover that the brakes final a prolonged time (considering that the regenerative braking normally takes a lot of put on off of the brake pads. If you are a reduced mileage driver like I am (2001 with about 52000 millas), you are going to be seeking at an early brake task brought on by rust buildup from non-use scoring the brake pads/rotors.

On Toyota Prius offered in the US, the total hybrid method (which includes the hybrid battery pack) is warrantied for 8 years/100,000 miles. In California-emission states, the hybrid battery pack is additional warrantied below the CA emissions warranty for 10 several years/150,000 miles. Which is a entire warranty (so no elements/labor expenses to you), NOT professional-rated. And indeed, the warranties transfer to afterwards proprietors.

Hybrid battery replacements are extremely uncommon (in or out of guarantee), so no, you do not have to aspect in the price tag of a new hybrid battery pack.

If you plan on buying the complete pack from a vendor, new it would be about $ 3000, but then once more you could just replace the personal undesirable mobile, or you could get an total used battery pack from a wrecked motor vehicle for considerably cheaper (significantly less than US$ one thousand on eBay, for illustration).

To quotation Toyota’s push launch:



How lengthy does the Prius battery very last and what is the substitution price?

The Prius battery (and the battery-electrical power administration system) has been developed to improve battery daily life. In element this is carried out by keeping the battery at an ideal demand degreein no way totally draining it and never ever totally recharging it. As a end result, the Prius battery qualified prospects a pretty easy lifestyle. We have lab information exhibiting the equal of 180,000 miles with no deterioration and count on it to last the existence of the automobile. We also assume battery technological innovation to proceed to increase: the second-era product battery is fifteen% scaled-down, twenty five% lighter, and has 35% much more particular electricity than the very first. This is true of price tag as nicely. Amongst the 2003 y 2004 designs, services battery charges arrived down 36% and we count on them to keep on to fall so that by the time replacements might be needed it is not going to be a much of an problem. Since the vehicle went on sale in 2000, Toyota has not changed a solitary battery for put on and tear.

Is there a recycling prepare in location for nickel-metal hydride batteries?

Toyota has a comprehensive battery recycling plan in area and has been recycling nickel-metallic hydride batteries because the RAV4 Electric Car was introduced in 1998. Each and every portion of the battery, from the treasured metals to the plastic, placas, steel circumstance and the wiring, se recicla. To guarantee that batteries come back again to Toyota, each and every battery has a phone variety on it to get in touch with for recycling information and dealers are paid a $ two hundred “generosidad” for every single battery.

Sin embargo, the Prius’ 12v accent battery (like every other automobile has) is utilized to electrical power the equipment (lights, supporters, radio, alarm, etc.) and the computers. In contrast to other cars’ 12v accessory batteries, even though, it is not utilized to commence the automobile (so it is bodily smaller and for that reason easier to drain), but it does begin the computers. The pcs open up a relay that hooks up the 200+v hybrid traction battery, and it is actually the hybrid traction battery that starts the gasoline engine (making use of an electric powered motor). It is attainable to drain the 12v accessory battery (depart the headlights on overnight, leave the automobile undriven for more than 2 semana, etc.), just like on any other auto. With age (five+ years, usually) or recurring drainings/misuse, you are going to most likely want to substitute it ultimately. AGM design, small bodily dimensions, and odd posts, suggest that you’ll probably have to go to the supplier, $ one hundred fifty – $ trescientos (depending if you need an adapter).

The largest inconvenience is that you are going to have individuals coming up to you possibly genuinely asking you about your auto, or telling you untruths/rumors that they have listened to about the car and that you were stupid to get it.