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Toyota de Naperville, the Chicago regions premier Toyota dealership, has lengthy believed which company is regarding over simply marketing a practical product or service. Instead, Toyota of Naperville was founded plus continues to work found on the idea which the full measure of the businesss value is moreover to be found inside the wise it does inside meeting the demands of society because a entire. Toyota de Naperville, consequently, is proud to help Toyota Motor Corporations Tips for Great system.

The Ideas for Great system encourages persons to adjust Toyota technologies absolutely obtainable in Toyota vehicles plus pickups for fresh uses. By asking the public to receive included inside coming up with a new creative vision plus incorporate it with 1 of Toyotas technologies, Toyota hopes which this collaborative effort can change the planet for the greater.

Participants should select to function with 1 of five Toyota technologies, incluso: T.H.U.M.S (Total HUman Model for Safety), Solar Powered Ventilation System, Hybrid Synergy Drive, Advanced Guidance System, plus Touch Tracer.


Safety is a feature which Toyota takes really. That is why they developed T.H.U.M.S., an advanced injury-simulation software which includes the utilization of the full-scale anthropomorphic testing device. T.H.U.M.S, unlike other crash dummies, offers important information about how a crash effects internal organs. Built with 2 million components, T.H.U.M.S. was built to permit scientists to investigate injuries sustained from accidents plus understand how to maximize car protection.

Solar Powered Ventilation System

Parked inside the hot summer sunlight, the passenger compartment of the car could heat to oven-like temperatures, often leading to discomfort or risk. Toyota has come up with a method to beat the heat with their Solar Powered Ventilation System. By turning the Ventilation System about before exiting the car, the solar panel grid generates electricity within the sunlight, turns about a enthusiast that draws inside outside air to the cabin, plus cools the vehicles interior.

Hybrid Synergy Drive

Toyota is the leader inside gas efficiency with its advanced plus reliable Hybrid Synergy Drive program, obtainable in the innovative Prius sedan. Hybrid Synergy Drive enables the engine, electrical engine, generator, batteries, plus regenerative braking program to function together to offer motorists with a better driving experience. As Toyota explains, combining the gasoline engine, electrical engine plus brakes, this program catches kinetic vitality produced from braking plus converts it to electricity. This powers a cars electrical engine. It will enable lower emissions plus raise mpg. So each time we stop, we add more go.

Advanced Guidance System

Now its even simpler plus safer to parallel park or into parking spaces with Toyotas Advanced Guidance System. Whenever triggered, the driver may take their hands off the wheel plus leave the parking to their Toyota car. All the driver must do is permit the Guidance System to park the vehicle when they step found on the brake to control the speed plus to stop the car. Fully built with a built-in computer, Electric Power Steering (EPS), ultrasonic sensors along with a camera, Toyota motorists could have a stress-free plus safer parking experience.

Touch Tracer

Drivers no longer should take their eyes off the road to work their car buttons plus switches with all the Toyota Touch Tracer program. When pressing touch sensors about steering wheel buttons, a duplicate image of the program being triggered is shown found on the instrument panel. The steering wheel-mounted controls permit motorists to change the sound mode, stereo amount, cabin temperature plus info displayed found on the Multi-Information Display.

Participants inside the Ideas for Great system can pick to submit tips connected to any 1 of these five technologies. Submissions could include pictures or videos illustrating the idea being submitted. One winner is chosen inside every of the five categories. Winners can reach select from between 3 excellent prizesa fresh 2014 Prius, 2014 Venza or 2014 Highlander Hybrid. Entries should be submitted before February 28, 2014.

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