I have test pushed numerous automobiles (Dodge Dart, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda In shape, Chevy Cruz, Chevy Sonic, Toyota Camry and the Toyota Prius C Two). I have made a decision on the Toyota Prius C Two but what is a truthful cost? I have been to the dealership numerous instances but I don’t know what is a reasonable cost to ask.

Would it just be greater to buy 1 on the internet? I have heard that given that it is a hybrid they are considerably less prepared to function with you on the value.

Also, since they are 2014′s will they go down in value as soon as it is 2014? I have also read it is ideal to go in direction of the conclude of the thirty day period to get a car, is this accurate?

Response by hummerhead2002
In Ebay.com MOTORS You may see this TOYOTA Prius 2 and the vendor is Hertrich Toyota [888-437-9906] White and truly Clear! It sells like virtually $ 26 grand—however they accept gives —So you can see its NEW! One more NEW Prius five hybrid advertised by “LauFord’ has a cool price of nearly $ 36 grand! So the price tag of the Toyota you want is inside those range—-

Solution by Stupid Flanders
A honest cost, right now, is about $ 800 beneath MSRP.

Theoretically, the lengthier the 2014′s very last, the decrease the cost will be. Nonetheless, there is at the moment constrained supply for the 2014′s and if you want a single, I would propose to get it now. Minimal stock signifies Toyota will likely not provide incentives on it and it is not worth the gamble to help save yet another prospective $ two hundred.
If you wait too significantly lengthier, you will have to buy a 2014 model and that will be for MSRP.

Yes. the end of the thirty day period and conclude of the 12 months is normally the very best time to get a vehicle for the very best offer.
Nonetheless, if you are acquiring a new 2014 in 2014, then you need to get the exact same offer as you would have on the previous day of 2014. Dealers want the 2014′s gone.


I am contemplating buying and selling in my 2013 Hyundai accent for a Toyota Prius c, is this a excellent choice?

Solution by Your Uncle Dodge!
There is a lot of elements. Are you possessing difficulties with the Hyundai? Do you have good funds to make this go? What study have you accomplished?