I am in the marketplace to buy a new automobile in the up coming calendar year or two. I want a hyprid becuase of the gasoline milage ect… I don’t genuinely want a tremendous small automobile Honda insight or Toyota Prius much more of a normal size, unless it will get wicked good fuel milage. Does anybody know if there will be any new hybrids coming out inside the next yr or so that I must search for?

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Saturn as a good one. The 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid has been named the “Environmentally friendly Car of the 12 months”

Pair of things when it arrives hybrid. The hybrid normally only functions from -20 mph.

If you get into a car wreck, hybrids have about 250 to 450 volts and sixty volts is ample to kill any human. If you get into a auto wreck, it could be a nightmare for them to rescue you.

Answer by mrvadeboncoeur
Unfortunately, most makers so not announce their upcoming hybrid release programs. Not all hybrids are created alike (some are more geared towards functionality (acceleration and accessible power) than to fuel economic system), and some have more hybrid characteristics than other folks (total hybrid vs. mild hybrid). So, just due to the fact it says hybrid isn’t going to imply that it has “wicked great gasoline mileage.”

So, you would be ideal to discover the greatest gasoline economy automobile in the vehicle class that you are seeking at. For your choices in the US, I’d suggest:



I am not entirely sure what measurement of automobile that you are hunting for. The Honda Perception was discontinued in the 2006 product 12 months, so you may only uncover that two-seater in the employed market place. In the meantime, the Toyota Prius is at present a midsize hatchback, which is the identical dimension class as the common Toyota Camry, or Nissan Altima, or Chevy Malibu, or Saturn Aura (all of which also have hybrid versions available) or the also common Honda Accord (which had a performance-tuned hybrid choice available in the past, but is now discontinued and only offered utilized). In truth, of the at present accessible hybrid vehicles in the US for the 2008 product yr, the only types that are smaller than a Toyota Prius are the compact-sized Honda Civic Hybrid and the Lexus GS450h.

If you are organizing on the US Federal revenue tax credit for your hybrid buy, the sooner you obtain, the much better, as there is a sunset phaseout provision set for soon after a maker has offered a certain amount of hybrids. The Toyota/Lexus credits have passed this sunset currently (so no far more credits), and Honda is at the moment in the phaseout period of time…
More data:




Hybrids do cost less in the extended time period than their conventional counterparts. (Intellichoice utilised a 5 12 months ownership comparison in 2006) See http://www.intellichoice.com/push/Hybrid-Study-2006 and http://www.intellichoice.com/carBuying101/HypeOverHybrids )

While Client Stories in 2006 only found the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid would pay out off inside the exact same five 12 months frame. The Honda Accord Hybrid, the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Lexus RX400h, and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid had been also researched. (I’ll observe that there was a mathematical mistake in the first publication of Consumer Reports’ hybrid car value evaluation, which a retraction was released later on… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11637968/ ) Because this publication, many a lot more hybrid versions have turn out to be available, so I can not use this to say about hybrids “in general.” Even so, in the US, the Toyota hybrids have marketed so numerous that they no longer qualify for the US Federal hybrid motor vehicle revenue tax credit history, but Honda and other people even now have theirs.

Examine out the April issue of Consumer Stories if you want dependability information. Here are their leading picks for equally new and employed cars:



and the Prius was just rated leading Environmentally friendly Car for the fifth 12 months in a row: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-vehicles/news/2007/04/leading-picks-for-2007-4-07/overview/0704_leading-picks-2007.htm

The Prius is also in edmunds’ utilized automobiles very best bets checklist as well, and their most affordable correct value to possess list (2007 and 2008).
http://www.edmunds.com/reviews/bestbet/articles or blog posts/index.html



Introduced hybrids to keep an eye out for are the upcoming plug-in hybrids due out in 2014, a plug-in able version of the Toyota Prius and the new Chevy Volt.

The hybrid batteries are usually put powering the rear seat/above the rear axle, and are not inclined to damage in a vehicular accident. (Nor is it effortless to minimize the vibrant orange HV cables that operate beneath the car, possibly.) The hybrid battery is disconnected from the rest of the automobile when the motor vehicle is off (SOP for 1st responders is to change off/eliminate essential to disable vehicle in an incident) and also when the air baggage are deployed. Only a inadequately-skilled emergency office will not approach your vehicle in an accident. (Emergency Responder guides are offered from all hybrid producers for free of charge, and most makers also provide cost-free education sessions when requested.)

The hybrid batteries are warrantied (Total, not professional-rated) for at minimum eight a long time/80,000 miles or more time, dependent on company, out to 10 many years/one hundred fifty,000 miles if an AT-PZEV model in a CA emissions condition.

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Wait until finally VW delivers their following-gen TDI engines to the U.S. in 2013. Then, you’ll get 75 mpg no make a difference what. Hybrids do nicely for the most element only in city driving, and they don’t even approach seventy five mpg then.


My wife and I are looking at purchasing a Prius. I want to hear from mother and father if the car performs properly with strollers, groceries, and many others. The hatchbook appears like a respectable dimensions but we are not certain. Thanks!

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No! if you want gasoline efficiency, without having sacrificing fashion, try out a Chevy Equinox… it is the most gas effective motor vehicle in this class. If you want a genuinely massive auto, attempt a Hummer H2

Answer by pedro7of9
its a tiny automobile…look at the honda iinsite…even bigger,,,better…drives nicer…I would not put my youngsters in a hybryed…in a accident the battery and acid could go almost everywhere…and 440 volts…oh no not me

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Mr. “Huge Car Knowledge” demands to go back again to faculty and quit watching Chevy commercials.

A Chevy Equinox vs. a Toyota Prius? Talk about an apples-to-oranges comparison. They are not the same course: The Prius is a hatchback, the Equinox an SUV. And the mileage? I never feel so. The Prius’ mileage is about double that of the Equinox.

Prius: 51MPG town, forty eight highway, fifty merged.
four-cylinder entrance-wheel-drive Equinox: 22/32/26.
(Of system, the other Equinox variations get Even worse mileage than that.)

By the way: The Equinox isn’t going to get the best mileage in the FWD SUV class possibly. The Ford Escape FWD Hybrid does far better, and I am not confident if it’s the very best (34/31/32).

The Prius will work fine for strollers & groceries…you are proper, there is a lot of room underneath that hatchback.

Edit: Pedro, you also need to do some understanding just before spouting misinformation. The battery has NO acid. It’s Nickel Metal Hydride. And a collision that would injury the battery is very likely to be one particular that would not be survivable anyway (believe eighteen-wheeler truck collision). The battery is even more ahead than the gasoline tank, around the again seats. And the Honda Perception is *Scaled-down* than the Prius, not larger. Prius is categorised as a midsize car, the Perception is a compact. Examine for your self at the website detailed under.

One more edit: Another reply you’ve got gained asks “Whilst hybrid is good for the surroundings, I surprise the place all the employed battery will go.” I really want individuals would spend a tiny time researching as an alternative of just engaging their mouths first. The employed batteries go back again to Toyota for recycling. ALL of the battery is recyclable. And Toyota pays $ two hundred per battery to get them back to make certain of it there is certainly get in touch with details printed on the battery to position that out.


I know it depends on the model, but what are the bes deals when it arrives to good quality vs cost?

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The Honda Perception will help save you the most cash considering that it has the very best fuel mileage. 60mpg metropolis, sixty six mpg highway.

The Toyota Prius is up coming. Change batteries and motor every 3-7 a long time. $ 3000. 48mpg, 51mpg.
The Honda Civic Hybrid is next.

If you need to replace the batteries and motor on the Honda, it would be considerably less costly because the Insight has a scaled-down and less expensive motor. And less batteries since it is a smaller car.