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Toyota Yaris Hybrid 1.5 VVT-i T3 CVT

What is it?

TOYOTA pioneered the petrol-electric crossbreed plus has available over 2.5m because the initially Prius models reached Japanese clients back inside 1997.

With the exception of Honda, many rivals have been slow or hesitant to adhere to the trend; even thus, cumulative worldwide sales of all hybrids have been edging towards the 5m mark.

Now, with its initial, Ford Fiesta-sized Yaris Hybrid supermini absolutely flowing from showrooms, Toyota is accelerating the pace.

The �14,995 beginning cost for the base T3 model, increasing to �16,995 for the well-equipped, range-topping Spirit, has dropped the crossbreed to a unique amount of affordability, several �2,000 under the entry level Honda Insight, itself enjoyed hitherto because the initially affordable crossbreed available.

But it really is the Yariss different financial credentials that create it a force to be reckoned with by more traditional rivals, against that it’s competitively priced.

The CO2 emissions of the cheapest T3 model are merely 79g/km. For company consumers which puts it inside the 10 per cent organization vehicle taxes band, nevertheless shifting to just 11 per cent inside for 2014/15 thus firm vehicle taxes is stable.

In alternative words, the company consumer could wind up paying because small because �25.25 a month. That low CO2 rating moreover qualifies it for zero VED, congestion charge exemption plus thus welcome to companies 100 per cent initially year composing down allowance.

The EU gas economy figures are equally very startling: 80.7mpg combined for the cheapest, lightest T3 variation.

The Yaris Hybrids drivetrain is complex, combining an up-to-date 1.5 litre petrol engine plus downsized power plus electrical engine program, and constantly varying transmission within the Prius. To reassure company consumers plus SME company vehicle customers, though, the crossbreed Yaris comes with an eight-year, 100,000-mile guarantee found on the power pack plus five-year, 100,000 guarantee found on the rest of the vehicle.

Whats hot?

Business consumer costs dont come lower…

…for boss plus firm automobile driver

A hot low for crossbreed pricing

Over 80mpg potential

Reassuring guarantee despite complexity

Good inside space

Pleasant looks

Toyota build quality

What’s not

Not because affordable because figures recommend about open highway

Ride, handling, steering uninspiring

Business Car Manager road test verdict

This is regarded as a few of vehicles where the many appropriate query for a really cost-conscious organization vehicle driver is not why must I purchase it? but how will I justify not purchasing it?.

Admittedly, for the enthusiastic driver, the Ford Fiesta-sized Yaris Hybrid lacks psychological appeal or sheer driving pleasure. It looks smart enough. The interior is effectively planned plus amazingly roomy (Toyota deserves a pat found on the back for not noticeably compromising interior room with all the crossbreed power pack). Materials standard is excellent as well as the vehicles are perfectly put together by Toyotas Valenciennes plant inside France.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is moreover fairly processed for a tiny auto, with mechanical sound effectively suppressed. However straight line performance is ideal described because leisurely; ride plus handling are undistinguished; as well as the additional fat of the twin drive systems (engine plus battery) has induced a certain vagueness to the steering.

And when city driving, with battery-only procedure inside frequent utilize, must see as much as 70mpg gas usage, inside high speed, open road driving with petrol engine plus power pack functioning really inside parallel, BCMs assessment is the fact that the average driver is probably to fall about 20mpg brief of the official 80.7mpg EU combined cycle economy of the base Yaris T3 crossbreed, or the 76.3mpg of the range-topping Spirit adaptation.

For really cost-conscious, efficiency-seeking, pragmatic firm vehicle motorists and also their companies, yet, the financial pros may far outweigh the dynamic negatives, minor gas expenditure reservations irrespective.

At an on-the road beginning cost of �14,995 no over a reasonably specified Fiesta plus �2,000 lower than Hondas Insight Hybrid Toyota is creating the pros of the crossbreed accessible to most.

And, as absolutely set out above, the financial advantages are considerable: minimal firm auto taxes, zero VED, nose-thumbing to Londons congestion charge plus, for the company, 100 per cent initially year composing down allowances when they purchase – all because of the Yaris Hybrids miserly 79g/km CO2 emissions.

If theres a chink inside the Toyota Yaris Hybrids financial armoury, its the requirement to boost the company vehicle rent rates against Fiesta rivals inside the open contract hire marketplace. In a company automobile comparison, a similarly priced 100PS Fiesta EcoBoost fees from �189 a month to rent compared to the Yaris Hybrids from �212.

For more competitive company automobile rent rates, though, head to Toyota dealers where youll find the Yaris Hybrid from �184 a month.

Jon Williams, Toyota GBs president plus MD, suggests which, with all the Prius plug-in range extender Hybrid having equally simply joined the companys crossbreed line-up of Auris, Prius plus Yaris (with another model to come), hybrids might become an ever more main force inside the companys sales line-up plus which the Yaris Hybrid may account for at minimum 20 per cent of all Yaris sales inside 2014/14.

While much of Toyotas company has been retail, he claims he sees no cause why a 40 per cent company consumer share ought not to be achievable plus guarantees a harder drive towards organization automobile plus company vehicle leasing solutions.

With its business auto taxes appeal, you might tend to agree with which assessment.

Its early days yet for the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. However with all the cool winds of recession set to blow for certain time to come, cold financial calculation suggests which the innovative supermini may discover itself pushing at certain absolutely broad open SME doorways.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 1.5 VVT-i T3 CVT the low down

P11D Value����� 15,140

Monthly company rental (ex VAT)����From �212 a month (3yrs/30,000 miles)

Company auto taxes bands 2014/13 to 2014/15����10%, 10%, 11%

BIK tax�����1,514, �1,514, �1,665

Engine����1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol/electric engine with nickel hydride power pack


Power/torque����100bhp/ 132Nm

0-62mph����11.8 seconds/103mph


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