Toyota Hilux, A Brief History

The very first Toyota Hilux began production in march of 1968. This model was known as the RN10 and came in a short wheelbase model with a 1.5L engine, this w2as later replaced with a 1.6L engine in 1971. Early 1969 saw the addition of a long wheelbase version to the lineup.

The second generation of the Hilux was released in 1972 as the RN20 model. This model was more comfortable than previous versions and included many exterior visual updates. In 1975 the Hilux went through a major revamp in styling. It was made to be both larger and much more luxurious than previous models.

In 1978 Toyota introduced the third generation of the Hilux, with a four wheel drive option introduced in early 1979. The four wheel drive versions included a solid front axle and leaf suspension setup.

Mid 1983 saw the introduction of the fourth generation of the Hilux. Included in the lineup for the first time was a Xtracab option which was a two row extended cab version for more seating room in the cab. All through the life of the model it saw continued improvements of both the engines and suspensions. In 1986 the solid front axle was changed over to a independent front suspension setup.

In 1988 Toyota introduced the fifth generation of the Hilux. The Xtracab options now came with what were called jump seats that folded up when not in use to allow for more room behind the front seats.

The sixth generation of the Hilux started in 1995. This generation change saw many badge changes across the market as well as numerous engine and suspension options.

In 2005 the Hilux saw the introduction of the seventh generation.

This version increased in size and was now classified as a mid sized pick up. A facelift version was released in 2008 which added sleeker lines and a smoother appearance to the vehicle.

Throughout its lifespan the Hilux has built up a reputation for being sturdy, reliable and even been coined as being virtually indestructible.

Engines available by generation:

First generation:



1.9L-8R SOHC

2.0-18R SOHC

Second generation:



2.0L-18R SOHC

Third generation:


2.4L-22R SOHC



Fourth generation:








Fifth generation:












Sixth generation:

Seventh generation:


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