1. Toyota Rav4 ’08
2. Toyota Highlander ’08
3. Toyota Venza ’09

Assuming we have $ 2000 down along with a very advantageous credit. In alternative words, how much can we finance plus not feel cheated. Or how much may you purchase cash plus not feel cheated.
Thanks for a guidance

Answer by Patrice Michelle
you should initially analysis kbb.com to find the blue book found on the 08 models as well as the 09 Venza, negotiate, negotiate! Dealers are searching to market, market at the moment…it’s the buyer’s marketplace.

about certain impartial guidance, i found a superior webpage which hits about private financing or dealer financing plus certain dialogue secrets. check it out, hope it assists!


Chicago, Illinois (Vocus/PRWEB) December 27, 2014

Located inside the Chicago region, Toyota of Naperville has established a standing for standard service plus value combined with a commitment to industry leading customer relations, creating the dealership the regions premier Toyota franchise. This year, Toyota of Naperville is delivering the seasons largest savings found on the full line of Toyota vehicles plus pickups to the area throughout the distinguished yearly Toyotathon sales event.

Savings chances abound at Toyota of Naperville throughout Toyotathon, as well as the savings include 0.0% APR financing for 60 months about Toyota Camry. US News plus World report notes which Camry was the best-selling automobile inside America for 8 straight years plus which customers of the 2014 model might discover a softly-tuned, comfortable commuter auto. Camry has proven itself because a reliable plus comfortable car which provides unmatched utility inside the midsize vehicle segment. Toyota of Naperville provides an unmatched selection of Camrys found on the lot, with over 100 to select from, beginning at merely beneath $ 23,000.

Also accessible throughout Toyotathon at Toyota of Naperville are great chances to protect about hot Toyota Highlander SUVs. Summarizing its road test of the Toyota Highlander, Edmunds.com mentioned the midsize crossover SUV provides an agreeable mixture of comfort plus control…. Edmunds furthermore noted which the Highlander is accessible with an impressively effective 3.5-liter V6 superior for 270 hp plus 248 lb-ft of torque. Available with a multitude of choices plus designs, motorists will receive a hot Highlander tailor-made for their requirements. During Toyotathon at Toyota of Naperville, many of Highlanders inside various designs are accessible for driver inspection. Starting at $ 25,271, Highlander is accessible with 2.9 % APR financing for 60 months.

Budget-conscious customers wanting fun, effective plus reliable transportation could discover all 3 inside the shape of the 2014 Toyota Yaris. Describing Yaris, Kelley Blue Book claims it has gained inside recognition plus, though it remains the smallest plus minimum pricey car inside the Toyota brand line-up, it is actually nevertheless packed with value. At Toyota of Naperville, a modern 2014 Yaris begins at just $ 12,878, whilst a fresh 2014 model begins at $ 15,958. During Toyotathon, Yaris customers will benefit from $ 500 cash back or 0.0 percent APR financing or 60 months.

Buyers looking for a tiny SUV have produced RAV4 a prevalent choice, plus Toyotathon at Toyota of Naperville makes RAV4 an even greater choice this getaway season. Available with either $ 500 cash back or low 1.9 % APR financing, RAV4 provides class-utility plus value. Writing regarding the RAV4, Automobile.com says: The positives of RAV4 are numerous. The motors, both the 4-cylinder as well as the V6, are effective, reliable plus gas friendly. The interior is big enough for the average family plus with all the optional 3-row seat, will accommodate 5 adults plus 2 youngsters well. The inside plus outdoor styling is practical in addition to appealing…. For the Toyotathon event, Toyota of Naperville has a selection of almost 80 RAV4 models for customers to examine plus test, with costs beginning at just $ 23,054.

Those interested in deluxe arent left from the savings. Reviewing Avalon for 2014, the Chicago Tribune calls the auto lengthy plus low plus claims it succeeds at transporting folks inside complete comfort plus surrounding them with a host of deluxe trappings. In brief, its the contemporary reincarnation of the classic American sedan. During the Toyotathon savings event at Toyota of Naperville, deluxe automobile customers could review the almost two-dozen Avalon deluxe sedans currently inside stock. Prices commence because low because $ 30,436 for a fresh 2014 Avalon or $ 33,499 for a modern 2014 Avalon. Pricing about Avalon becomes a lot more appealing with $ 1,000 cash back about any modern 2014 Avalon.

Special pricing plus incentives about these plus additional standard Toyota vehicles plus pickups are just accessible at Toyota of Naperville inside the Chicago location throughout the Toyotathon sales event. All Toyotathon specialized has expire about January 3, 2014. To learn more regarding these plus additional models plus incentives, potential customers will consult with a Toyota sales pro inside the Chicago location at Toyota of Naperville.

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My boyfriend has a 1996 Toyota Rav4. There are numerous leaks beneath the vehicle, several are antifreeze, others may be oil I’m not certain, yet they’ve been there for a extended, extended time. There’s been a bad smell coming thru the vents for a some months, can’t state just what it is however, it scares me. Additionally, an extreme amount of white smoke originates from beneath the bonnet, not precisely certain where beneath the bonnet however, it’s especially noticeable whilst idling at stop lights, or pulling into the garage, ect. Besides having an idea what the issue is, he’s not going to be capable to fix it instantly plus you have to learn when it’s secure to drive to function daily. I’ve read synonymous Yahoo answers however, none fit this actual issue. Many persons mentioned perhaps it had been a heater core problem, nevertheless his heater plus a/c were intentionally like, disconnected or anything lengthy ago plus haven’t been utilized inside years. Another site I saw mentioned anything regarding a head gasket, any which is. Please anybody which knows regarding vehicles, any understanding you are able to provide will be helpful.

Answer by Simply me again ☺
You have to look below the bonnet plus provide a description of where the smoke is from.

Answer by martinkeith20
the white smoke is the Water or coolant venting off within the hot engine, tthese leaks should be sorted immediately or you’ll shortly loose all of the coolant as well as the engine may over heat plus expense additional money inside the lengthy run to repair, because for the smell from a vents that’s the coolant smell that’s all thus burning within the hot engine due with it leaking.

Answer by jim b
Well, it might be a couple items however the white smoke does sound like antifreeze leaking. Check the oil inside the engine plus see when it’s a milky white color, this signifies antifreeze is leaking into the engine, its a big condition.
The leaks may be anything. Oil, transmission ETC. Simple to tell though, oil is black, transmission is form of a purple color. So, when it’s transmission oil, it’s possibly the trans gasket. If it’s oil then there may be several leaks yet have the pan gasket plus oil connect checked about a upcoming oil service.
Regarding bypassing the heater core, it shouldn’t be a condition however the hoses can be leaking.
The white smoke is possibly from an antifreeze hose or radiator leak, the fluid is hitting the hot engine plus creating the smoke. Either which or burning oil, meaning the valves can be bad that wouldn’t be superior at all!


I’m seeking a auto plus I like the 2001 toyota rav4 however that’s truly the only vehicle I’ve truly looked at. What are other vehicles a girl might look cute driving?

Answer by Anthony
2 door blue honda civic

Answer by Ironball
Mini Cooper or Smartcar or Fiat 500

Answer by Sheepborg
Honda fit. period.

It is a wise car along with a fantastic starter. It is to not big plus not too tiny because it has additional space with all the hatch. It has been created for a long time plus is gas effective. It is moreover not too pricey to receive 1. I think it happens to be a ‘cute’ auto, however, hey, what do i understand regarding cute.

Over all you’d wish a little hatchback, for all of the factors to receive the fit. These are typically only awesome to commence inside.

Hope this assists, have fun plus superior chance

PS: dont be too picky about model or year, because which refuses to aid the procedure. Frequently a model is produced for years plus remains the same over those years, thus expand what ranges we consider.