I have an 85′ Toyota celica supra with a broken facet marker lens. I went to the Toyota seller to inquire if they had the portion and the men said there ended up two in the complete US. He just had to examine my vin to see if I could get it. And once he checked it he said it was discontinued for my vin. So I could not get it. What is the offer. Why can’t I just acquire it?

Response by bo
they do not have that part any more. when the parts are absent there long gone toyota will not make areas for that vehicle apparently the two in stock do not in shape your product. you can attempt junkyard or research for aftermarket components and see what will come up

Solution by CarmaNguyen
Most automobile makers will not make far more elements for a car that is above ten years old,for the need is not there.That is why there is aftermarkets and utilized components (junk yards).

Solution by Rogue Claims Adjuster
Car makers employed to be obligated to produce spare parts for autos for ten many years after they have been produced but that law was rescinded some time ago. Now they can quit generating them whenever they want. I after had a two-year old BMW I was appraising that I couldn’t locate headlights for.

Automobiles as previous as yours usually have their components discontinued. I wrote-up a Ford Contour the other day and virtually each non-mechanical part on it was discontinued.

Frequent or very reproduced cars can have elements offered for a long time, though not always from the first producer. You can almost certainly develop nearly an total 1965 Mustang just from elements. I wrote-up a 1975 VW bus about a year back and was shocked to locate VW was even now promoting the front bumper for it.

You will find tons of individuals lamps available on eBay for about $ twenty five apiece.


1983 Toyota Supra retains blowing the EFI fuse when I switch the essential to Acc not even striving to commence it?

Answer by KansasCody
A electricity wire is shorted out. When you change on the swap, it sends power to the wire, which is grounding out, and popping the fuse. My guess would be a wire got very hot and melted the insulation off and it really is shorting out on you. Excellent Luck.