I would like to transform my 99 Toyota Tacoma 2wd to battery electrical.

Each conversion kit that I have appear across requires bolting an electric motor to the present transmission. I would like to take away the transmission and mount the electric powered motor directly to the drive prepare.

I’ve read this can be accomplished effectively but there is little information accessible. Anyone have any encounter or tips on this?

Response by Bertsta
I consider gearboxes are often utilized to permit a greater speed assortment. Single speed vehicles aren’t rapid sufficient for the road (eg. fork carry truck). To maintain up a great speed you will have to flog it and the range will endure as a result.

But there is certainly no specialized cause why you require a ‘box. Possibly have a appear at a fork raise truck and see how it truly is completed, and maybe “borrow” the components you need whilst you’re there )

Solution by c2builder
This “celebration line” on this is mentioned relatively in a Bob Brant’s textbooks on electric powered automobiles. The authentic guide was set out in 1993 and more just lately he and Seth Leitman teamed up to rewrite it. The pertinent sections, on gears and torque curves, are essentially the very same in the two editions.

To summarize, if you’re expecting freeway speeds at the best stop, you are exceeding the selection of any variety of motor. If geared for higher pace, acceleration at the reduced finish will attract a lot of recent (I’m repeating this from a probably very poor memory). One particular tiny area of these textbooks mentions a transmission-less style which has both an AC and a DC motor. The DC motor is employed at minimal stop and the AC at the larger speeds.

In opposition to all of that, nonetheless, I am fairly positive that AC Propulsion’s designs (San Dimas, CA), Aptera’s (Carlsbad) etc don’t use transmissions. My guidance would be to speak to controller producers (Zilla in Oregon, Curtis (?)). Metric Mind, also in Oregon, might be capable to aid they deal in substantial priced, European AC controllers. A part of their web site chronicles the conversion of a “money-is-no-item” design.

Answer by Nata T
get you bank account open up. You are going to want an exoctic electric motor like becoming created for the $ one hundred,000 Tesla. It’s going to run from to 14,000 rpm. What have you set up to replace all the other factors like power assisted brakes. Electrical power steering. The heater, the AC,


What dimension metric bolts are utilized to connect a tailgate to the mattress in a 1998 toyota Tacoma tailgate
I went to the dealer and they do not market these bolts.

Response by loonatic72

Reply by D J
See if the vendor will give you the dimension. You will need to have the proportions.

You will require the diameter of the bolt, measuring the shank, not the head. The evaluate the size of the bolt from below the head, the whole shank length, the threaded & unthreaded portions combined.
If you are using a hex head bolt, seem for quality ten.9. Metric hex bolts are offered in 8.8 strength & 10.nine strength.
I would also recommend a nylon insert lock nut or an all metallic lock nut to go with the bolt.
You need to be capable to uncover this bolt at your neighborhood components retailer or huge box, like Property Depot or Lowe’s or verify below fasteners in your local yellow webpages.
Great Luck & re-publish if you never discover something that will function.