My husbands clutch pedal is stuck
to the floor and won’t work to change gears. We are curious as to how much this will cost to replace. We live in Arkansas.

Answer by jeff j
don’t know if you have a 4×4, 4cyl, or 6cyl.

keep in mind. on a clutch replacement there is *possibly* going to be extra maintenance costs. resurfacing fly wheels, throw out bearings/forks.

if your going to do it yourself,

the clutch packs/kits them selves can run from 160.00 to over 400. low ball source http://www.rockauto.com/

shops may exceed 600 bucks. depending on your vehicle options.

i would strongly suggest that you call a toyota dealer. they just sent out a flyer (deal) for this repair. though i threw mine away and cant remember the prices.

the reason i suggest toyota, is that i strongly suggest you use factory Aisin parts. after market parts, if you don’t know/trust the manufacturer, will not last.

BTW, hers a link to you Factory Service Manual (PDF). the book itself is worth over 100 bucks. i know it says ’96. but like most manuals, it covers many years. in this case ’95 1/2-’97. rt click link, “save target as”.


sorry, w/o vehicle info, i wasnt a lot of help.

owner ’92 toyota 4×4

i have a 2004 toyota tacoma, we have no owners manual with it. that 4 wheel drive shifter as 4Hi. 4Lo, 2W, and N. i know N means neutral but what you need that for? and what are the proper procedures to go into 4Hi and 4Lo? i know you have to be in like park or something, but im not positive on what needs to be done. thank you.

Answer by Jason
2wd and 4Hi you can change at any time, as long there is not a load against the drivetrain. 4Lo needs to be in neutral with the vehicle stopped.

Answer by Steve Wilcox
To add to the guy above me – 4 low should only be used when towing heavy loads below 25 mph (example: pulling a boat up a slippery ramp). In regular snow and ice, always use 4 hi.

Answer by Tomcat
To add to the other correct answers, keep the steering wheel straight when shifting (not turning) when shifting from H2 to H4 and back. I usually release the gas and shift. This should get you to a PDF of the owners manual. http://www.toyota.com/owners/

toyota tacoma 2001

Answer by Zona
Toyota Manual??? There is no way man. I am sorry.

Answer Mine please. 10 easy points over here.

Answer by virtuallyretired
Sorry, you’ll need to pay for one.

Answer by mat
Go here (http://www.toyota.com/owners/web/pages/resources/owners-manuals)
or try here: (http://www.downloadcarmanuals.com/2001-toyota-tacoma-owners-manual-download/)
And you can download each part of the owners manual in PDF format

Be patient as the site does take a bit of time to load

Hope this helps