I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD 4×4 and I need to have to know the actual variety of provider I want. Is it a minor, intermediate, major, or basic oil change?
Sorry about that! It has 135,000 miles on it and require to know what type provider is needed for 135k miles!! Other than that I have followed the scheduled companies but now I’m in excess of what is printed in the manual!

Response by Lex
You mean you havent had oil change because you acquired it? The handbook which came with each other with the unit will inform you how repeated you ought to have it serviced and what sort.

For the ideal feasible servicing, you must check out the nearest support station or the supplier who offered you the device.

Response by lovelyrj7
How a lot of miles do you have? what servicing have you experienced in the previous? Typically tips for support are found in the house owners manual. If you have above 100K I would suggest the significant support on the vehicle. It would consist of :

Replace oil and filter up to six quarts
lube as relevant
rotate tires
computer harmony all 4 wheels and examine pressure (weights included)
Examine brakes
digital motor manage check
Replace spark plugs
Service battery and clean terminals
Check out all belts and hoses
Verify Emission technique (integrated checking EGR procedure if applicable)
Exchange motor coolant (up to 1 gallon)
Automatic transmission drain and refill
Inspect all fluid stages and fill
Examine exhaust method
Lube doors and hinges
Change air filter
Examine all lights
Verify heater and A/C operation
Alter parking brake
27-level car inspection

Once more depending on mileage, the servicing may vary.

If you want, you can email me your VIN. I can run it in the Toyota database to see if there are any remembers on your automobile/guarantee problems.

Edit: primarily based on mileage, 135K typically means a minimal support (5K). That is primarily based on interval ONLY. Much more then probably you will require to replace travel belts, and potentially do a tranny flush, and brake flush. I would extremely recommend the main services at this stage. If you comply with the guide its generally this: every single 5K or six months small provider. (oil alter, tire rotation, battery provider, fluid top off) each 15k or twelve months intermediate svc. Same as minor only substitute air filter. Every 30 k or 24 months, major services. At the mileage you are at, i would just take it to a dealership for a simple 5k support, and see what tips they would have. A tundra can preferably previous 300k if preserved effectively. E-mail me again with any inquiries.

It is a manual transmission regular taxi with a 8ft bed. I have a Flowmaster Exhaust on it and a K&N Air Filter. What else can I do to improve the Horsepower?

Reply by Hardy J
Incorporate a turbo, cam, or nitrous. Remember a lot more power phone calls for more fuel.

Reply by R C
Incorporate a supercharger.

Reply by Fact
Well is dependent on how considerably money ur inclined two devote. Otherwise examine out TRD functionality. IDK if u have an fully change exhaust program but you can get headers and catback programs.