I am seeking to purchase a Toyota Tundra Double Cab. It is indexed because having a size of 246.7 inches plus wheelbase of 164.6 inches. Is the truck calculated within the furthest many points about both ends? I’m asking because I’ve not owned a truck before, thus is the truck then 20.55 feet lengthy?

Answer by bty82892
It,s calculated from front fender to the back 1.

I am considering buying the Toyota Tundra truck to pull a horse trailer. I am thinking when anybody has 1 for this cause plus when they are happy with all the results. I might love to hear any advantages and disadvantages.

Answer by jack p
you might like to install a chip for towing should you plan about towing a lot.

Answer by wrenchbender
i utilize 1 to pull my race trailer. i did change the chip as well as the just time i receive behind inside traffic is up lengthy mountains. i don’t have the torque of the diesel thus i tend to ease up found on the stress. as for general ground towing i have had no issues at all. among the limited pickups which are because tough because they advertise. i say choose it.

Answer by Bill S
How big is the horse trailer? The brand-new generation Tundra which simply came out inside 2007 is rated to tow 10,800lbs, thus you really need to be effectively in the fat limits of the truck. These brand-new Tundras haul plus tow awesome thus we shouldn’t have a issue with pulling a horse trailer. Especially considering the lengths of a few of the travel trailers persons are pulling with these pickups.

I’ve pulled my 24′ Car trailer with a dry fat of 2200lbs and a load of concrete blend at 5900lbs. Did which inside tow plus haul mode without a condition. Truck pulled it like there wasn’t anything behind it.

These pickups with all the 5.7L V8 boast 381HP plus 401Ft. Lbs. Torque. So we have a great amount of force plus torque for pulling too.